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G&G _ Magazine is a bimestrial digital Italian design magazine created with idea to promote craftsmanship, interior design inspirations and luxury home lifestyle worldwide.

Every reader of G&G _ Magazine remains satisfied and impressed by creative projects, the most popular international shows, celebrity interviews and new inspirations for any space.


Among the most passionate readers you could find Interior Design Agencies, Showroom Studio, Architects and Luxury Design Studios. Each edition provides readers with stunning photography and great content six times a year.

Launched in February 2017, G&G _ Magazine quickly caught the attention of international audience with home inspiration and ideas for different and stylish interiors.


If you have a beautiful products, project or room that you’d like advertised or featured in either the magazine or blog, please get in touch with us via our ‘Contact’ page.


"We have decided to not print our issues because the print publishing industry is wasteful and very harmful to our planet it is, this is something which is very important to us.

In our small way we want to contribute to the protection of the environment. And you?"


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